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Wills and Estate Planning in 89117

If you’ve got questions about wills and estate planning in 89117, then call today for a free consultation. I’ve been helping my clients understand and prepare for this and all other legal challenges since 1969. My expertise in the peculiarities of our state’s legal system keeps me in constant demand as an outside consultant on cases for some of Vegas’ biggest law firms.

In general, the last will and testament is the most basic set of instructions for the distribution of your assets upon your departure from this world. It’s a noble gesture that carries with it some very unfortunate and problematic features. These can make life difficult for all involved and wreak havoc on a family. The better choice is the living will, which includes instructions should in the event of temporary or permanent incapacitation. Basically, no wait is required.

An even better option is the revocable trust. This provides an extra layer of shielding between the owner of the assets and the naming of successors and beneficiaries that don’t even require incapacitation. Your personal and business assets can be inside a trust, which protects them from personal liability. Meanwhile, you have complete use of them. Unlike a will, a trust is not a matter of public record, so there are no probate headaches for your family once you’re gone.

For more details about wills and estate planning in 89117, schedule your free consultation with me today. This is not a classroom, but it’s a great place to get clear about your options. Once you’re ready to take action, let me know if you’d like to retain my legal services. If not, you know where to find me, and I wish you luck. Either way, call today for free help.

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