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What is the Divorce Process in Nevada

If you’re wondering, “What is the divorce process in Nevada, then let me help you with this. I have been a licensed attorney in this state since 1969, and I have more knowledge, experience, and legal expertise than practically anyone else. I consult on complex matters and cases with top law firms in Vegas and other cities and offer free consultations to everyone.

First, this is a no-fault state, which means either party can essentially request a divorce as soon as six weeks after marriage. There are stipulations such as clearance for more than one residence, but not more than one in Nevada. Otherwise, if there are no contests or entanglements, then the typical “summary procedure” is the expedited version. This requires no minors, joint-owned property, or alimony disputes, to name a few.

If you don’t qualify for this, but only one side has the dispute, then the standard procedure is the next best thing. With all the paperwork in order, your marital agreement and property will be divided accordingly. It gets messy where child custody or joint or contested asset or business ownership is involved. Whatever the case, I’ll help you get clear on your options during a free call. What you decide to do after that is up to you.

Once you learn the answer to “what is the divorce process in Nevada,” you can prepare for whatever follows. My advice is to learn these things before ever entering into a marriage. In my experience, many people think of this line of thought as taboo. I view this with objectivity and without judgment or interference from my own personal beliefs. This is why I’m one of the most highly sought-after consultants in Vegas and the state. Call today to learn more.

  • What is the divorce process in Nevada is a question that many ask, but few can answer completely.