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What are Child Custody Laws in Nevada

If your web searches for “What are the child custody laws in Nevada” are keeping you up at night, then you have serious concerns. Even if they’re on the horizon, don’t wait to arm yourself with the knowledge needed to proceed intelligently. I offer you my 50+ years of experience and expertise in this matter on a free consultation. There’s no commitment, and I work with individuals, companies, and other law firms.

Our state has very specific differences in the legal language than many other states. This is due as much to the relative recency of our statehood as well as the conditions with which we formed and developed. No one knows more about these differences than myself. For starters, unlike many other states where legal precedents are the governing factor, the judges have full discretion over custody arrangements. All things being equal, joint legal custody is the norm.

If one or more parents or guardians are deemed unfit, the judge can decide how to proceed. Otherwise, both get to participate in their children’s life decisions equally. One of the tips offs to a judge is the amount and quality of time a parent normally spends with their child. Are they normally there for them, providing appropriate parental guidance and protection? Also, it’s worth pointing out that this state doesn’t necessarily favor the mother over the father. 

Once you learn what are the child custody laws in Nevada from a legal expert who can point out differences with the laws in other states, you’ll be much more prepared to know where you stand. To learn more details and get accurate and thorough answers and advice, schedule your free consultation today. When we’re done, let me know if you want me on the team. It’s fine either way, and the choice is always yours.

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