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Prenuptial Agreement

Are you considering drawing up a prenuptial agreement before you tie the knot? If you are exploring the benefits associated with a prenup, you need to obtain the legal advice of an experienced lawyer. A trained lawyer can create this document and help you to determine what it should contain if you want to make sure your assets are fully protected. It'll be advantageous for your marriage, and I am happy to guide you through the steps.

One main reason that individuals seek prenups is to establish the terms for distribution of property and determining whether that property is marital or community property. Another main reason that couples seek out a prenup is to reduce conflict during the time of divorce. It can also make separation less expensive, as the parties involved are not contesting the distribution of property.

One of the biggest surprises that many couples discover is that the creation of a prenuptial agreement may strengthen their relationship. While this kind of understanding can seem unromantic and suggest a level of distrust, communicating about money matters can lead to more open communication on financial topics, thus leading to a stronger bond. Once you've established the ground rules, couples can relax and carry on with a happy marriage.

In the unhappy event that a terminated marriage comes to pass without a prenuptial agreement in place, then the distribution of goods is determined by the courts. Unfavorable systems almost exclusively exist to place assets in the hands of the person who did not own them beforehand. You can easily avoid that kind of crooked law exploitation is something with this simple agreement. You get caught unprepared if the situation arises.

Give me a call for more information on all of the advantages and disadvantages associated with obtaining a prenuptial agreement today. While it is possible to draft this document without representation, I strongly recommend against doing so. If something is listed incorrectly in the agreement, the courts can rule it invalid, leaving you without the protection you deserve. To begin the process of drafting your contract, contact me now.

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