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Prenup Agreement in Las Vegas

If you are trying to draw up a prenup agreement in Las Vegas, you are making a very smart move, and attorney Neil Beller is here to handle the details. A prenuptial agreement covers so much more than who gets to keep the furniture. Your prenup can protect your financial future by fairly distributing your marital assets, including retirement accounts, investment funds, and your right to privacy in the future.

Getting married is going to be an exciting time in your life. You love your future spouse, but there is still the awkward and often uncomfortable issue of finances that will need to be addressed before you take such a big step. In some cases, one person may have a lot of assets such as a home or even own a business. When that person marries another, he/she would be forced to divide it in half in the event of a divorce. While no one wants to plan for a divorce, it is something to keep in mind.

Have you been thinking about drawing up a prenup agreement in Las Vegas, but you aren’t sure? The City of Lights may be known for quickie weddings, but that doesn’t mean you need to rush into matrimony without the protection that this kind of agreement will offer you. A prenup can only be fully recognized in writing and signed by both parties, and Neil Beller will be happy to take care of this and many other details for you.

Getting a prenup agreement in Las Vegas can prevent you from losing your valuable assets. Because this is a major document that holds a lot of importance regarding your future, you’ll want to be sure that you understand all of the terms involved. You will be able to work with me to determine what you find fair and to ensure that everything is handled smoothly. This is an increasingly popular option that many couples are exploring, and you should consider doing the same. 

Your prenup may include: rights to any property, elimination of alimony, and the making of a will. One thing that cannot be mentioned in a prenup includes that of a child’s rights and child support. That is why I encourage you to get in contact with me. Attorney Neil Beller will make sure that you fully understand everything in your agreement. Call his law office today to schedule your consultation when you are ready to learn more about how he can protect you.

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