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Prenup Agreement in Las Vegas

Are you trying to draw up a prenup agreement in Las Vegas? That’s a smart move. While no one wants to plan for a divorce, it’s still something anyone with assets should keep in mind. My name is Neil Beller, and I’m ready to handle all the details. As a top attorney with decades of experience working in the quickie marriage capital of the world, I’ve seen and heard it all. So, give me a call and let me help you.

Getting married should be an exciting time in your life. Of course, you love your future spouse, but there is still the awkward and sometimes uncomfortable issue of finances that you’ll need to address before you get there. In some cases, one person may have many assets, such as a home or even own a business. If this describes you, the time to reach out to me is now.

This document covers so much more than who gets to keep the furniture. It can protect your financial future by fairly distributing your marital assets, including retirement accounts, investment funds, and your right to privacy in the future. Don't put them at risk if you have a retirement plan, investment properties, or any other assets that you set up to protect your future. Call Neil today!

If you’ve been thinking about drawing up a prenup agreement in Las Vegas, then I can help you. A prenup can only be fully recognized in writing and signed by both parties. I can guide you through the process, so you understand every detail. Call my law office today to schedule your consultation if you’re ready to learn more about how I can help protect you.

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