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Prenup Agreement in Las Vegas

Are you thinking about signing a prenup agreement in Las Vegas? If so, this is one of my specialties. I’m one of the top legal consultants in town for private individuals, corporations, and other law firms that outsource the more complex casework. I made this town my home in 1969 and have made it my mission to understand a system that eludes many.

I offer a free consultation to everyone regarding any number of legal questions and advice. There’s no commitment or pressure to d or sign anything. Just give me a ring, and we’ll set it up. So, when it comes to protecting your assets within a marital arrangement of any kind, the prenuptial document in question is an obvious choice. It works in death in divorce.

This arranges for more than just the division of wealth. It covers child custody, inheritance, college funds, and even obligations of spousal support that protect the other party. It can also shield a privately-owned business from becoming the legal property of the original owner while protecting a spouse from the liabilities of a business during litigation or bankruptcy et al.

For more information about a prenup agreement in Las Vegas, call today for your free consultation. I’ll provide you with accurate answers to your questions, make recommendations that address your concerns, and can make this very easy for you. The choice to retain m after that is entirely up to you. I welcome it, and I welcome the opportunity to help everyone get the information they need at a time that’s right for them. Call today to begin.

  • Learn about the benefits of a prenup agreement in Las Vegas on a free call with a top legal expert in this town since 1969!