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The greater Las Vegas Valley is one of the most exciting destinations in the entire country. Those from all over the world flock to our town to vacation and enjoy all of the benefits that are associated with being in Las Vegas.  Should you find that you are facing criminal charges while in Sin City, you will need expert legal counsel by your side. My name is Neil Beller and I have been helping those that have found themselves facing legal action since 1969. I am extremely familiar with all of the procedures that are involved with dealing with criminal cases at city, state, and federal level. I will make sure that I am able to look out for your best interests at all times. As soon as you discover that you are in legal trouble, you will need to give me a call. Every day that you wait to obtain legal advice is giving the prosecutor a head start on preparing a case against you.  The faster that you give me a call, the more effective I will be. Those that are facing criminal charges should make sure that they have the help and assistance of experienced and capable legal counsel.

Anyone who is looking to divorce should understand that even the most non-contested separations will still involve plenty of legal paperwork. My job is to make sure that I am able to protect all of your interests while making sure that I am able to effectively complete this process in the shortest amount of time possible. By expediting this process, you will experience less stress and be able to focus preparing for your future.