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Legal Advice on Revocable Trusts

If you have an urgent need for legal advice on revocable trusts, consider me part of the team. I’m an attorney in Las Vegas, licensed in Nevada, and in practice nonstop since 1969. I work with clients directly and do in-depth casework for other attorneys and law firms around town. I can offer you accurate information and advice on a free consultation with zero commitment.

When it comes to estate planning, there’s no better way to ensure you maintain complete control over your assets. This includes protection from personal liability while still maintaining control. It also allows for named successors and beneficiaries. Finally, it circumvents the probate process because, unlike a will, a trust is not a matter of public record.

Plus, this instrument pairs nicely with a living trust and what is known as a “pour-over will.” Put these together, and you have control over assets and property that could be mistakenly left out of the document. This is the peace of mind you want, both now and in the future, when putting your affairs in order can be burdensome and contestable.

For more legal advice on revocable trusts from someone who knows, don’t be the least bit hesitant to call me for a free consultation. If you decide you want my services, you’re welcome to ask, and I’ll help. If there’s something that precludes me from being able to represent you, I’ll still make a referral. In the meantime, please call.

  • Get legal advice on revocable trusts on a free call with a licensed attorney in Las Vegas with experience and expertise recognized by other attorneys.