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How to File for Bankruptcy in Nevada

If you are wondering how to file for bankruptcy in Nevada, you’ve come to the right place. My entire career has been spent focusing on state and local laws in Las Vegas. I work with locals, tourists, part-time residents, and anyone doing business here. There’s nothing I can’t help you with or through, so let’s talk on a free consultation. There’s no obligation, but I’m here for you.

I’ve focused on this state’s peculiar legal differences exclusively since 1969. When it comes to knowledge, experience, and expertise in all matters of law here, I’m your guy. Every year, I work on cases like yours either directly or as a specialist to the many law firms in this city that outsource their tougher cases. My only concern is solving problems for my clients.

In a given year, I’ll see 5k Chapter 7s, 122 Chapter 11s, and roughly 1,500 Chapter 13s. Many of these can easily be settled out of court just because the judges see so many of them. I ought to know. I did “pro bono” legal work for the county court for years on both sides of the bench. When it comes to finding the simplest way forward for you, whether it be restructuring, liquidation, or anything else, I’ll show you a winning strategy before we even meet.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to file for bankruptcy in Nevada, you can’t make it any easier on yourself than by learning from me. A free call is all it takes to get on track. Once we’re done, the choice to work with me is yours. As always, I proudly serve the needs of this great state and its wonderful cities. I can do the same for you. Schedule your visit with me today.

  • Learn how to file for bankruptcy in Nevada on a free call with one of the state’s top experts working nonstop since 1969!