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Guardianships in Southern Nevada

The process of guardianships in Southern Nevada can be complicated, and it is difficult to navigate unless you are a specialist who has a vast knowledge of this area of the law. If you have significant financial decisions to make on behalf of an estate coming up shortly, it is to your benefit to schedule a free estate law consultation with the Law Office of Neil J. Beller today.

Are you searching for accurate information about guardianships in Southern Nevada? Turn to the Law Office of Neil J. Beller in Las Vegas if you need skilled guidance to help you navigate the process of obtaining guardianship, whether for an individual or for appointing guardianship for yourself. There are varying types of guardianships, and as an expert attorney in this area, he is trained to handle these cases efficiently and proactively.

The following are the most common types of guardianship in Clark County: Guardian of the Person, Guardian of the Estate, Guardian of Person and Estate, and Temporary Guardian. Attorney Neil Beller can help you to understand the varying degrees of care and responsibility between these four types, which will allow him to put together a plan to pursue this legal action in the right manner so your interests will be protected.

One of the more common types of guardianships in Southern Nevada is Guardian of the Person, which means you may be responsible for the care, maintenance, education, and support of an individual who is in your care. Temporary guardianship occurs in a state of emergency. As a Guardian of the Estate, you will be responsible for protecting, managing, and disposing of the state in the best interest of the parties that are involved.

If you find yourself in the position of having to care for a child that is not legally your ward, especially if the child would otherwise be in danger if returned to their original situation, then this is the route to go for you. Either a Temporary Guardianship for a short time while their current guardians get their ducks in a row, or a permanent Guardianship of the Person to protect the long-term, will be the options to pursue.

Neil Beller possesses a vast knowledge of guardianships in Southern Nevada, and he can help you make informed and educated decisions that will help you to get the outcome you are hoping for here. Many minute details must be taken into account when pursuing guardianship that you need to be made aware of ahead of time. That is why you should get in contact with me an attorney as soon as possible. Please call his office today to learn more about guardianship in Clark County.

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