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What are Child Custody Laws in Nevada

If you are online trying to find out what are the child custody laws in Nevada, the first thing you will notice is that the laws are complex, and getting a straight answer isn’t always easy. There is so much to consider. What are the laws for relocating out of the state? What about the father’s rights? What is the difference between physical custody and legal custody? You could search all day and still not find the exact information you need.

If you are wondering what are the child custody laws in Nevada, you are far from alone. The Silver State has the highest number of divorces in the country, and many of these divorces involve minor children. The disillusion of a marriage can be especially hard on parents and kids in these cases, especially if one or both parents use the child as a weapon. Some people can reach an agreement on their own, but if this isn’t your situation, experienced divorce attorney Neil Beller of Las Vegas can help.

As a family attorney in Clark County, he can provide you with the information you’ll need to navigate the complex court system. In this state, there are two types of custody: physical and legal. Physical custody means which parent the child will live with, while legal custody concerns other aspects of the child’s life such as the schools and medical care. Another option is joint custody, which allows both parents to share equal aspects of physical and legal custody.

Attorney Neil Beller can provide answers to the question, “What are the child custody laws in Nevada?” that are tailored to your unique situation. Did you know that the parent who has custody of the child cannot refuse visitation even if the other parent has not paid child support? Did you know that in the state of Nevada, the child will also have the ability to choose which parent to live with? He will make sure you know your rights.

Don’t spend another minute wondering what are the child custody laws in Nevada when Neil Beller is just a quick phone call away. He is an experienced attorney here in the Las Vegas area, and his diverse business practice background and exceptional client service are the reason he is the number one choice for so many people in Clark County. Contact his law office today to schedule your child custody consultation.

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